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Find your life purpose and

discover your true potentials

- Jenny Liew -

* Soul-Numerology initiator/founder

* Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Hypnotherapist & Trainer

*Master Analyst - Universal Character Method of Human Profiling

* Master Practitioner Neo-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

* Master Practitioner Art Drawing-HTP (Psycho-Analysis)

* Reiki, Pranic, Sound & Color Healing Practitioner

and Corporate Trainer 

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“To understand the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration’

- Nikola Tesla -

As to how science quantum theory has put it that “everything is made of energy”, a widely accepted concept that the Universe was created by vibrating energy at a different frequency. From solid matters to particles, our thoughts and feelings, people and things and so much more. This could also be understood through numbers as each is made up of its vibrating numerological energy in a certain frequency.

When I first understood the art of numerology, I was just doing the random calculation for family and friends but everyone seems to be interested and wanted to know more about themselves and start asking questions. I had only a very basic understanding of numerology. I started to question what more meaning does these numbers represent? I noticed people having the same date of birth or same numerological numbers but with a different personality, life directions and other different traits while retaining some similarities of characters. Even twins don't seem to have the same characters or even life directions.


This makes me dwell deeper and started finding out more about the study of numbers using different methods and practices. I noticed that each method has its own merits but it didn’t tell the whole story about that person. Each different method gives a different interpretation with its unique numerological meaning.

So, over the years I have been incorporating all these few methods in my reading, and each time when I chart the numbers, I see a storyline unfolds about that person. Their personality, character, negative tendencies behaviours, strengths, likes and dislikes, whom they want to be vs. whom they are meant to be, phases of life they will go through and so much more. All this just through the power of numbers from the date of birth and all this can be interpreted instantly. Sometimes, I can even guess that person’s numerological numbers without them telling me by just observing their characters and personality.

When we start to shift our awareness and understanding of energy, frequency and vibration in life, we begin to notice there is a significant reason for each of us being here on earth. It is believed, that the numerological “blueprint” of a person is greatly influenced at the exact moment of their birth by the energy, vibration and frequency of the universe.

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Every number tells a story, the story about us individually. No one person has the same characters, personality or destiny, even if they are born on the same day, same time and same place. There are positive and negative aspects of everything, there are two sides to things just like the day and night and this applies the same for numbers. Number’s energy also has both positive and negative connotations. Each of us is born with a purpose, but that doesn’t mean all those born on the same date of birth would have the same destiny in life. Some have a greater purpose and bigger roles to fulfil and some born on the same date of birth would have similar purpose and roles but in different contexts. For example, not everyone with the same date of birth as Barrack Obama will become the President of America, but that person will have more or less similar qualities and traits as Obama and their life purpose is just not on the same grand scale as Obama.

Other factors such as culture, belief, education, upbringing, family and peers influence, free will and other aspects could also determine the destiny of those with the same date of birth. The paths that lay ahead of us are different for each of us, depending on the purpose and lessons we are to fulfil. The Universe created us all uniquely and we are all here to experience life to its fullest potential according to the purpose or lessons to fulfil. Irrelevant of what our beliefs or faiths that we believe in, we can agree that we exist in this reality for a purpose of growth, spiritually or evolutionary.

In my line of work as a spiritual hypnotherapist, I can already foreknow what are the issues that the client is facing even before we start the therapy session just by reading their date of birth. This affirms my belief that our life purpose and our life learning are etched at the moment we are born.

The passion why I have been doing numerology reading for others is more than just to highlight their characters or personality, strengths and weakness but the deeper reason is to reveal to them what is their life purpose and their true potentials to become that best version of themselves. The art of numerology can lay out the path about you, but how you will undertake this path, it all depends on you and your free will.  The more awareness and realisation that we achieved, the closer we will be to realizing our life purpose, the reason for our being. Having this deep awareness about ourselves, it helps us to gain insights in every aspect of our life. The more we know about ourselves and embracing all the positive traits, mitigating the negative traits of ourselves, we will then progress in our life journey more meaningfully with a pearl of immense wisdom.

With this Soul-Numerology method that I am now sharing with others, I hope more people will learn this quick and effective method on how to find their life purpose and discover their true potentials. 

“We are the creator of our destiny”. Knowing ourselves better gives us a better chance to master our destiny.

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