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The world is built upon the power of numbers’

- Pythagoras -

And Soul-Numerology is based on this principle to unveil your true potentials and discover your life purpose.

Uncover the deepest truth about yourself and others. Gain deeper truth about your potentials, your strengths, your challenges, your life circumstances, your opportunities, your life lessons and so much more. Learn or discover how to become the greatest version of yourself by knowing yourself.

‘To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom'

- Socrates -

PYTHAGORAS, a Greek Philosopher and Mathematician born in the 6th-century B.C.E is well known as the father of modern Numerology. He believes that the world was built on the power of numbers and everything could be reduced to numbers.

“Everything is made of energy”, is a widely accepted concept that the Universe was created by vibrating energy and this could be understood through numbers. Each number vibrates in its certain frequency and is made up of this vibrating numerological energy.


Why Numerology?

In numerology, every number tell a story, the story about you. The moment we are born, our date and time of birth are registered as our “official” existence here on earth and our birthday numbers carry each own unique energy, frequency and vibration. Whom you are born to be, whom you want to be, strengths and potentials, your life circumstances, your challenges and life lessons, and so much more can be all interpreted from your numbers. Numerology is a guide and tool that can help to find out more about ourselves and others. 


It explains about the way you are characterized, reveals what is your purpose and potentials in life, the stages of life that you will go through, the challenges, the circumstances you will go through in different phases of your life and so much more. The more we know about ourselves and embracing all the positive traits, mitigating the negative traits of ourselves, we will then progress in our life journey more meaningfully with a pearl of immense wisdom. 


Having this deep awareness about yourself, it will help you to gain insights not just about your characters or personality but it will give you clear directions in life accomplishments such as career, finances, relationships and your life purpose.


Why Soul-Numerology?

Personally, I believe NO one methodology that could tell-it-all 100% accuracy about someone’s life story. In my years of numerology reading, I have not come across any person with the same characters or personality and life story, even though having the same numerological numbers in a reading. Each different numerology method gives a different interpretation with its unique numerological meaning.

Soul-Numerology integrates 3 different methodologies following Pythagoras’ numerology principle. Each method complements the other and reveals more than just one standard interpretation of a numerology reading.  Over the years, I have been incorporating these few different numerology methods applying the philosophical and psychological aspects of its interpretation giving it a whole and comprehensive reading that gives as close to accuracy as it gets. Having received so much feedback and confirmation on the accuracy of my method, I can say that Soul-Numerology is a quick and effective method to discover someone's true potential and character.

“We are the creator of our destiny”. There are many possible choices in life, and which choices we choose depends much on our wisdom and our free will. The more awareness and realization through knowing ourselves better, the closer we will be to realizing our life purpose, the reason for our being.

REALIZATION is “when our understanding of something deepens to the point, it changes our behaviour”

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